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The Bean Counter Ball Events page is a list of upcoming local, international, and online events. Many of these are fundraising events. Others are workshops, seminars, and training opportunities.

Anyone interested in sponsoring an event is welcome to contact the organisers directly. The Bean Counter Ball has no more information on the events other than shared on this page.

International Campaign for War-Ridden Countries

The International Campaign for War-Ridden Countries is an online campaign. When visiting the website, people can donate their time or money. Teachers can help in different ways. There are many ways in which people can contribute to this important cause.

2021 Inclusive Education Essentials Workshop

The Inclusive Education Essentials Workshop takes place in Canberra. The workshop is aimed at teachers who are new to inclusive education. It is also open to learners with significant intellectual abilities.

Dispositions of Great Teaching: Making Links to Learning

The Disposition of Great Teaching is a webinar. This event will take place online and is presented by two educators. They will be challenging teachers to look at their teaching methods and personal stories. The aim is to improve teaching strategies and interaction with students and their parents.

Open Education Week

Open Education Week is an international event. It showcases many important works on open education and related topics. Educators, interested parties, and students are welcome to attend.

Fundraiser Sponsorship Webinar

A lady who has helped arrange hundreds of fundraising events shares her knowledge. In this short webinar, people can learn more about how to approach sponsors. They will also get tips on knowing which are the right sponsors.